How to Get Around GAMSTOP

GAMSTOP is the right choice for problem gamblers, and we do not recommend trying to get around GAMSTOP if you have a gambling problem.

That said, there are many problems with GAMSTOP that can stop people playing casino and more online, even if they do not have severe issues with gambling.

Here are a few tips to help you get around GAMSTOP and gamble safely online.

1. Play at Non-GAMSTOP Casinos and Other Operators

We work with the biggest and best casinos and other gambling sites that are not on GAMSTOP. Find huge sign-up offers here, and head to the homepage where you can read more about the benefits of Non-GAMSTOP casinos.

2. Play at Bitcoin Casinos

Casinos that let you play with Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are growing in popularity. These operators allow you to deposit in cryptocurrencies and play your favourite games as usual.

Many of these casinos have no verification procedures, so that you can play anonymously.

3. Borrow a Friend or Family Identity

Make sure you have the permission of this person first. Then set up an account using their details. You can pay them the money and ask them to deposit for you, or you can use prepaid cards, crypto, or another e-wallet to make deposits yourself.

The main problem is that GAMSTOP usually puts a block on your address, so using your partner’s details won’t work if you live at the same house.

4. Go Offline

If you are willing to sacrifice the ease and choice of playing online, then going to a land-based casino is an option.

GAMSTOP won’t stop you playing here, but playing offline is much different from online, and many people prefer being able to play in the comfort of their own home.

5. Wait it Out and Hope!

When you activate GAMSTOP, you must choose what timespan you want to be blocked from gambling. The shortest time is six months, then a year, and the longest is five years.

If you are patient, you can wait it out. However, even when your self-exclusion period ends, players must get approval from GAMSTOP to lift their exclusion.

Even if GAMSTOP is lifted, many operators will still not let you use their services – you will forever be tagged as a problem gambler.